About us

PEC-CCE is a replica of Centre for Integrated Facilities in Engineering (CIFE), Stanford University, USA is a centralized department to provide consultancy on:

- Geographical Information System (GIS)

- Document Scanning, Digitization & Tracking System 

- Structural design 

- Application Software

- Engineering Analysis

- Website Development

- Graphics Design

- Computational Mechanics

- Composite Material

- Robotics

- Simulation and Networking


The mission of PEC-Centre for Consultancy in Engineering has been to provide efficient, high quality, cost effective and time bound solutions to organizations through the use of Information Technology.

PEC-CCE has an edge over others consultancy providers due to its uniqueness of being an extended arm of a highly esteemed educational institute (PEC University of Technology) and yet functioning independent in many ways which thus allows it to have a corporate work culture.

It houses latest computing hardware and software tools for proper execution of its projects that are undertaken.


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